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From homeless to hired

By Andrew Padula
PORTLAND, ORĀ  -It’s an inspirational story of a woman who has overcome the odds and is now following her dream – a once homeless woman was awarded a scholarship so she can continue her journey in the medical field.Melonie Powell has had a long, tough journey in her life.At the age of 18, Powell was already trying to raise four kids.

While she was living in Minneapolis, she found herself in an abusive relationship that lasted for several years.

As she finally got away and moved to Portland to be with her mom, she found herself in trouble.

Powell said she lost her kids, became addicted to drugs and started living on the streets.

It was one day that she said she realized she was throwing everything away and knew she need to make a change.

That’s when Powell said she got her G.E.D and went back to school, which eventually led her to become a registered nurse.

“It’s been challenging. I mean first and foremost I must remain clean and sober each day; that’s the most important and then continuing to have dreams in front of me and being able to see them and believe that they can be achieved,” Powell said.

Some people in the community were inspired by Powell’s story and how far she had come in life, that they decided to help her out.

Three business leaders – Roy Jay, Greg Goodman and Ann Edlen – came together and awarded Powell a total of $10,000 so she can further her education and career.

In September, Powell will be attending OHSU and will work her way to becoming a nurse practitioner.

Her advice for those out there struggling is to stay strong, stay focused and never give up.

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