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Knapp House Handbook

    1. MISSION
      To provide clean and sober housing for alcoholics and addicts so that they may recover, better their lives, family’s life’s, and those around them.

There is a 30-day blackout period for all new members. This includes a curfew of 10pm on weekdays and 11pm on weekends unless out with another member of the house who is not also on blackout. There will be no overnight guests during the blackout period.
You must be out looking for work from 8am – 5pm every weekday if you do not have a job.
You must follow all rules that have been set forth by the house. You must give a UA upon request of any member of the house.
If you do not follow these guidelines set forth by the house you may be asked to move immediately or the house may extend the blackout period.


There are no guests allowed in the premises that are under the influence of drugs or alcohol. Your guests – which include children – must leave the house when you leave. Your guests may only eat the food that you purchase. Guests may not do any laundry at the house and may not use the shower. Your guests are allowed to stay over two nights a week.


If you relapse you will be asked to leave the house immediately, and return within 24 hours to gather your belongings.


Any disruptive behavior will not be tolerated. Disruptive behavior consists of: Verbal abuse to anyone, arguing, fighting, not following rules or guidelines of the house, eating someone else’s food, having guests over more then you should not.
Picking up after yourself in the common area, or any other area including kitchen and bathroom, destroying any property of Knapp Street Recovery or your own personal property, or anyone else’s property and not doing dishes immediately after finished eating. You may be asked to move if you cannot refrain from doing these things. It will be voted upon in the house meeting. These are behaviors that make it hard for everyone to live in the house and the house must run smoothly so that everyone has the opportunity to recover and get their lives on track.


First month’s rent is $500.00, which includes utilities (electric, water, garbage, house phone, cable and Internet).
After first month’s rent of $500, second month and thereafter is $400.00* a month (This may vary house to house). Money orders shall be given to the house manager. Make money order out to “KNAPP HOUSE”. Each month rent is due by the 28th and late by the 1st. There will be a $45.00 late fee if you do not have rent in full by the 1st.
If you relapse and or are asked to leave the house for any reason, you will not be reimbursed for any monies paid.
*Rent is month to month. (Subjected to change if increase in utilities) *Excluding Chicago Houses.


There are chores for every member of the house. A chore list will be updated every house meeting and your chore position will rotate weekly.
It is all members’ responsibility to keep up the house and the property grounds.


Knapp House Recovery Homes is not responsible for ANY personal property. You must keep your personal belongings in your room and out of the common area. You must also keep your room in a neat and orderly condition. You may carry your own renters insurance; you can access that information online. You are allowed to add a door lock on your room if you wish. The extra key must be given to the house manager.
Knapp House Recovery Homes has full access to check your personal belongings in your room, under any circumstances relating to suspicion of criminal behavior, drug use and or alcohol use.


Washer and dryers are on the premises at no cost. But laundry may not be done between 10pm- 7am.


You must supply your own food and not eat anyone else’s food, it’s considered stealing. You will be given a designated cabinet area where you can keep your food, and also an area in the refrigerator and the freezer. Label what belongs to you in the provided areas.


Dishes must be washed thoroughly, immediately by hand after use. No exceptions. There will be a $5.00 fine for any dishes that are left out. No dishes allowed in any room except for the dining room. Knapp House Recovery Homes provides: Dishes, pots and pans, silverware and glasses.


Garbage needs to be taken out as needed by any and every member of the house. Garbage containers go out to the street every ____(House Specific). Not everything is “garbage”. We do recycle!
Your waste needs to be separated before it’s thrown away. Bins for compost, trash, paper & plastic and recycling will be available in the house.


Knapp House Recovery Homes will provide toilet paper and hand soap. You must provide all of your own toiletries. There will be a specific location in the bathroom where you can keep your toiletries, or you are welcome to keep them in your room.


Due to limited parking, the parking in front of the house is limited to the members of the house only. Driving without a license and valid insurance is illegal and is not acceptable. Parking that is located in front of the house goes by seniority. Overflow parking and guest parking is located on side streets.


There is a mailbox in front of the house, which you can receive mail at. Any member may pick the mail up and place other member’s mail on dining room table. All spam mail should be recycled.


House meetings are on Sunday nights at 8pm. It is mandatory that members participate in every Sunday night meeting. The only exception is work. House meetings are for discussions about topics related to the house and life issues. The house is open for suggestions to improve the quality of living. There will be notes taken by the house secretary every meeting. The house may vote on changes that may need to be made, but management will decide who is elected to be a house manager or secretary. Upper management has the right to veto any votes passed by the house.
Example: If vote were passed to burn all the furniture, management would veto that vote. In other words, we wouldn’t allow it.


$50 from each members rent goes towards utilities every month. This covers bills such as electric, water and sewer, Garbage, Cable, Phone, and Internet. Please be conscious of the electricity and the water that you are using. When you leave your room, turn off the light and the AC/ heat /fan. If people are not being conscience of the power and water and are not being held accountable, the utility fee will go up for every member in the house. The house manager opens any house bills. During house meetings the house manager will bring up the cost of the bills and if necessary discuss any changes that need to be made.


      • Toilet paper
      • Dishes
      • Silver ware
      • Cooking utensils
      • Cleaning supplies
      • Computer in common area
      • COMPUTER  *The computer is a privilege. No one should download anything on the computer. WIFI is available, so that you may be able to access that from your personal computer.


As a member of the house, you must be either, working or looking for work, volunteering or going to school. If you are not working (even if you have unemployment) you must be out of the house looking for work, Monday – Friday 8am – 5pm. You must be able to present to the house manager the research and applications and proof of job search. If on Social Security or disability it is mandatory that you to get involved with a nonprofit/ volunteer or going to meetings at least 15-20 hours a week.


UA’s may be given at any time without notice and or reason. This may be done by the house manager, and or two members of the house; or anyone in the Knapp House Recovery Homes organization.


Members will be interviewed and accepted by management. All members must go through the thirty-day blackout. After the thirty-day blackout all members must give a written notice to house manager 24 hours in advance if they are going to stay out overnight. Members must include where they will be, a phone number to be reached at. Members are not allowed to spend more than 3 nights a week away from the house.


Smoking cigarettes (and or cigars) is not allowed in the house. You must be 10 feet from any entrance; this includes doors and windows.


There are absolutely no weapons allowed on the premises. This includes, but isn’t limited to: Guns, swords, explosives, bows and arrows, throwing stars or knives.


Everyone should be working in a program of some sort to help them g row in their recovery. We ask that everyone do something to better their lives while living at the house.
Here is a list that other’s having done in the past:
AA meetings, NA meetings, work with a sponsor, get involved with a church or volunteer and develop a support group with people that are inside of the house and also outside of the house.